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A successful manufacturer of heating and ventilation equipment for over 30 years, Stelpro was still unknown by the general public, despite its high quality products and services. Our challenge was to help Stelpro take its rightful place among top Quebec and Canadian companies.

We were mandated to review the company’s positioning, brand image, product packaging and all print material as well as develop an ad campaign.

We made a decisive move by appropriating the very symbol used to denote temperature—the degree symbol (°). The statement was clear: Stelpro specializes in comfort. More than electric baseboards and heating cables, Stelpro offers a complete selection of complementary products, providing consumers with total control over their comfort.

Services required

Qualitative research (internal and external interviews)
Communication strategy
Brand strategy
Creation of the new visual identity
Website creation
Ad creation and production (TV)
Point of sale material

We’re very proud of the journey we took with Macadam. The agency made a significant contribution to our image change initiative and provided us with a long term marketing vision aimed at increasing our company and brand awareness. We’re now on the right track, and Macadam’s work was the basis for this successful shift.
- Yves Chabot, President, ºSTELPRO
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